Wear-resistant Polyester Fiber Cloth 24Oct

Wear-resistant Polyester Fiber Cloth

Product Name: Wear-resistant polyester fiber cloth
MOQ: 5 Tons
Trial Order: Available
Paper Type: Release paper

Acid and alkali resistance

Wear resistance, corrosion resistance, good repeatability, poor conductivity.

Heat resistance: 120 ?, the elongation at break (%) : 20 to 50, breaking strength (g/d): 438,

Melting point (?) : 238, 240, melting point (?) : 255 - a - 260.Specific gravity: 1.38.

Filter cloth classification: polyester long fiber filter cloth, polyester staple fiber filter cloth.


Product Description

Wear-resistant polyester fiber cloth feature:

Filtration performance: polyester long fiber filter cloth has smooth surface, good wear resistance, high strength, and higher strength after twisting.

Good wear resistance, so that the fabric has good air permeability, water leakage and easy cleaning.

Polyester staple fiber filter cloth material structure short and wool, woven fabric dense, particle retention good.

But the divestment, permeability is poor. Strength wear-resistance, water leakage is also less than polyester long fiber filter cloth.