Stainless Steel Wire Mesh 24Oct

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Wiremesh is a series of concrete wires in the form of nets with certain spaces which at each meeting point are connected by high-voltage electric welding machines so that they have good welding quality.
Wiremesh reinforcement with diameter is usually written with the prefix M for example M6 for Wiremesh reinforcement with a diameter of 6 mm. Generally the size of the existing Wiremesh diameter is the size of M4, M5, M6, M7, M8, M9, M10, M12.

The standard size for wiremesh is 2.1 x 5.4 m for sheets, but for smaller diameters such as M4 and M5 it is also available in the form of 2.1 x 54 m Roll.
Wiremesh can be used as

  • reinforcement of concrete reinforcement for floor plates (generally using M7 wire mesh)
  • concrete walls,
  • Concrete drainage channels.
  • Highways (generally using M8 wire mesh.)
  • Pavement
  • Airplane Airport Runways (generally use Wiremesh M12.)
  • Used as a road fence / plant.
  • Column or Tub Making
  • many others